Lithium Charger
We operate a large mobile phone repair facility and need charged batteries to test the devices. We have tried everything from cheap knock off adjustable wall chargers to using mobile phones to charge batteries. The Greystone Lithium Charger solved our dilemma by charging our batteries in a clean and easy system. The battery holders are universal and easy to set up. Most chargers on the market today cannot properly support the higher capacity batteries in today’s devices. The Lithium Charger can charger up to 6 Ah capacity batteries in each of its 16 ports at one time. This is a real game changer for us.
Angie P.
Lithium Analyzer
We have been tasked with testing and evaluating used batteries for our Carrier customer. Our go to equipment that has been very popular over the past 15 years was not able to handle the bigger capacity batteries in most of the new mobile phones. We had a real problem on our hands with no viable solution. The Greystone Lithium Analyzer is the solution we were looking for. The 12 universal battery holders are easy to use, and the ability to analyze the larger batteries is great. We are now able to test all of the batteries that are sent to us, and we are able to tell our customer which ones are good, marginal and bad. We even supply them with details and facts. The system is fast and accurate, thank you Greystone for handling all of our battery analytics!
Sergio K.
Receiving Imaging Technology
My department is responsible for receiving all products from our customers. We are required to record and report each device by the IMEI. The challenge was to read the IMEI off the backs of iPhones and newer Samsung phones. Getting the IMEI right is half of the battle, getting the IMEI entered into the system is the other half of the battle. The Greystone Receiving Imaging Tool (RIT) is able to see the IMEI on the back of the phone and using their technology they report the IMEI directly into our computer. This saves us a lot of time and reduces mistakes to 0. I love the ease of use and the support of the Greystone engineers. The RIT is a lifesaver; I don’t know how we survived so long without it.
Lisa J.
Security Imaging Technology
Our company had been using stickers on employee mobile phones to allow them on and off the production floor. We have been looking for a better and more secure way of doing this with a 21st century approach. Greystone introduced us to their Security Imaging Technology (SIT) machine. When we register an employee phone, the SIT will read the IMEI in the phone, take a picture of the back of the phone and read the unique ID from the employee’s key card. All of this is saved in an off-site database. It only takes a couple of seconds to verify the phone and the employee are a match. This helps us keep closer track of what phones are in our production area and who has them. This is such a great tool for our visitors too, as it works and shows great. An added benefit is an unscrupulous person cannot swap stickers onto a device that is not theirs. This is such a cool advancement in security for our products that demonstrates to our customers that we are on the leading edge of technology and take the security of their products seriously.
Even D.